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I write. I'm a writer, perhaps much the way my act of breathing makes me a breather. Wait, that's a poor example.

I began with sketching, but my love of music and math turned me into a musician, and from there prose and poetry fashioned me into a writer. My first series, the young adult (steampunk) fantasy series "CHRONICLES OF AESIRIUM" about a young girl who becomes an angel of death, marked my work as a light hearted and optimistic look into death and darkness, but I'm sure that's just the lip of the rabbit hole. If you believe half the rumors, I might even be a time traveler. But I'm sure that couldn't possibly be true.

Although I've spent several years as an independent author, my TALES OF THE DEAD MAN series is now being relaunched through Doce Blant Publishing, starting in 2017. 

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